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The project "All for one, food for all” has been worked out by some students of IPSSAR- San Pellegrino Terme – on the forthcoming event of EXPO 2015 in Milan.
The topic “To feed the planet, energy for life” has arisen great curiosity, a wish to look into the matter and to begin an operative contribution to the problem.
Among the different proposals put forward, this one has been selected ( the class promoting it is 4B- specializing in catering), as it aims at contrasting food waste, learning and teaching how to spare on food  in order to share it with and efficaciously help people in difficulty.
The main topics dealt with in the project are: “Abundance and deprivation: the paradox of the contemporary world” (area: “Cooperation and improvement of healthy nutrition”); “Good taste is good knowledge” (area: “Education on good eating: food and culture”).
The main supporters and performers of the project are the students of classes 3, 4 and 5 both of the past and the present school years. The activity of informing and educating people on good eating habits will also include those students attending primary schools who are ready to take part in the project: I.C. San Giovanni Bianco; I.C. Valnegra; I.C. Valle Serina; I.C.  Brembilla.
The project is sustained by the Council of Comunità Montana Valle Brembana – of which also the municipality of San Pellegrino Terme is a member; by Caritas (Charity First Aid Centre in Zogno); the Association of Fiera San Martino in Branzi; the temporary Partnership of Cheese Producers “Formaggi Principi delle Orobie”; the Caterers and Hoteliers' Partnership; The Cooperative Lombardia; Banco di Solidarietà Onlus (a Charity Organization).
A website has been considered the best means of communication to diffuse the data and the information the students have selected and collected, to inform about the exhibitions made on the theme, but most of all both to keep easily in touch with Caritas via e-mails whenever food supplies are available to be distributed and to create a permanent, efficient collection and distribution network with charitable organizations and volunteers.
The project also includes a food collection at school, which the students of classes 3, 4 and 5 organized together with Banco di Solidarietà Onlus of Bergamo. Moreover, some students of age are going to take part in the Charity Food Collection held at the shopping Mall “Il Continente” in Mapello.
The title given to the project was chosen on purpose – to express both the sense of charity and cooperation that have inspired and sustained it: without the helpful, continuous common action of its different members, the project wouldn’t have come to an end.
The area of the students’ action is circumscribed to the province of Bergamo – in particular to the Brembana Valley – but the methods and instruments they have used to carry out the project can be easily employed to set out similar actions in other districts.
A big thank you to all those who believed in the project, have worked and will continue to work on it.

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