Stale bread gnocchi - TUTTI PER UNO CIBO PER TUTTI

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Stale bread gnocchi

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Preparation time: 30 minutes    

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for dumplings

250    g stale bread;
1/2     l milk (2 cups);
2        n. eggs;
800    g “00” flour;
20      g  Parmigiano Reggiano;
2        l   meat stock;
Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg.

Ingredients for besciamella

200    ml milk (1 cup);
10      g “00” flour;
20      g butter;
salt, pepper, nutmeg.

Method for besciamella

1. Prepare a meat stock;
2. in a casserole put the butter and the flour and stir;
3. Pour the milk preheated;
4. Cook on low heat until it thicks;
5. Adjust with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Method for dumplings

1. Delete bread crust;
2. Cut the crumb in cubes;
3. Put them into a basin with the milk;
4. Add flour and eggs and stir;
5. Adjust with salt, pepper, nutmeg and Parmigiano;
6. Give a shape to dumplings taking from the dough a spoon a time;
7. Cook them in the boiling meat stock for few minutes;
8. Drain them and put them on a plate;
9. Drizzle dumplings with the besciamella sauce.

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