Risotto with meadow - TUTTI PER UNO CIBO PER TUTTI

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Risotto with meadow

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320 g of rice
60 g of butter
30 g of steer meadow
1 glass of white wine
3 bustine of saffron
40 g of grated Grana Padano cheese
1 l and 1/2 of stock
1 onion

Preparathion method

In a casserole let melt half butter with the meadow flavoured with the chopped onion and  when it' s withening add the rice. Mix, flavour, sprinkle with the saffron; mix it once more, spray the wine and let it evaporate. Adding some hot stock little by little and cook the rice for about ten minutes. Remove, stir it with the remaining butter and the grated Grana Padano cheese, Taste with salt and pepper.

A “sautée”  variation

If you don't consume all the cooked rice, here is a way to use it.
Lightly grease a pan with butter; then pot some rice inside it by spreading it all around the pan using a spatula to press it.  Put the the rice on high fire and cook it about 4 minutes on each side  until golden brown.
Dish the risotto up and serve immediately.

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